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Mansi Pooja

Mansi Pooja

August 9, 2022

First Mansi Pooja
The first Mansi Pooja is performed early in the morning and is usually performed as part of the morning pooja. Imagine that you are requesting Maharaj to wake up. He wakes up and sits up leaning on His pillow. Maharaj then gets up and goes to the bathroom. You can then help Maharaj to wash His hands, and then offer Maharaj a datan (Brush). Next you can offer Him scented water to wash His mouth, and to bathe. After Maharaj has bathed using scented water and fragranced powders, you can wipe Maharaj’s body and all the while you do this, you look at, and admire His beautiful body. Once this is done, dress Maharaj in a simple white dhoti on his lower body with a saal placed on His upper body. You can then apply a tilak and chandlo on His forehead, after which breakfast can be offered to Him. This can consist of sweetened milk, with saffron, ground pistachios as well as all sorts of rich delicacies. Once Maharaj has had breakfast, offer Him water and mukhvas. Allowing for the four seasons, with warm clothes in the winter and light clothes in the summer, you can then dress Maharaj in beautiful rich clothes and ornaments suited for the king of all kings. The clothes and ornaments such as garlands and bracelets, armlets, can all be in your personal favorite colors. Finally request that Maharaj sits on His grand throne, so that you may perform aarti.


Second Mansi Pooja
The second Mansi Pooja is performed late morning-early afternoon. As lunch time approaches remove Maharaj’s ornaments garlands as well as His paag. Offer to wash His hands and feet with scented water, and then ask Maharaj to sit on a decorated bench and serve Him rich foods; boiled, baked, fried as well as sweet dishes. Imagine that lot’s of devotees and you are watching Maharaj as He eats. Once Maharaj has finished eating, offer water and mukhvas to Him. You then request that Maharaj retires to His bed, where you gently press/massage Maharaj’s feet until He falls asleep.


Third Mansi Pooja
The third Mansi Pooja is performed at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Gently wake Maharaj and imagine that you are offering Him water to wash His face and clean His mouth out. He drinks some of the water and accepts fruits and dried nuts to eat. Once He has finished, He offers prasadi to all the muktas. Accompanied by devotees, imagine Maharaj going for a walk in a garden or going for a bath in a river depending on the season. Offer Maharaj flowers and experience His divine bliss. Help Maharaj then to get dressed in His rich beautiful clothes and ornaments, and request that He sits in sabha, so that all the devotees can gain His darshan.


Fourth Mansi Pooja
The fourth Mansi Pooja should be performed at or around dinner time. Maharaj is seated on the divine throne is all splendor with devotees seated in front of Him. Imagine you are performing evening Aarti and the devotees are rejoicing in His divine glory. Imagine Maharaj giving blessings to all the devotees at the end of the Aarti. Maharaj sits on a grand bench and eats dinner, where he is offered foods such as khichdi, Kadhi, Bhakhri, vegetables and milk to drink. Once He has finished dinner offer Maharaj water to drink followed by mukvas. Now request that Maharaj sits on His grand throne in sabha, where He talks about various religious topics. Imagine the great happiness being felt by all the devotees as they are fortunate to have darshan of Maharaj.


Fifth Mansi Pooja
The fifth and last Mansi Pooja is performed just before you go to sleep. After accepting fresh milk, almond-puri and laddu, Maharaj drinks water and retires to His bed. Whilst Maharaj lies on His bed imagine that you are gently pressing/massaging Maharaj’s legs and feet. Imagine Maharaj sleeping, eternally dwelling in Akshardham and you are completely immersed in His murti.  All the five Mansi Poojas should be performed regularly with devotion, whilst remembering the glory of Maharaj in our hearts. It should not become a burden. In order to attain oneness with the murti of Maharaj, one must surrender totally, body, mind and soul to Maharaj.