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 Listen radio online - Your free internet radio is your online free radio station on the web. Listen to the station you prefer by using our the web radio. It's free and live.


On there are more than sixty thousand radio stations across the globe. Relax and enjoy our extensive selection of radio shows as well as music and podcasts.


Listening to radio on the internet has never been simpler. Make use of quickly in your web browser, or download our free radio app for your phone.


Benefits in a glance

  • Listen to your preferred stations live , and at no cost
  • Lists of stations in your area
  • A variety of stations, with over 60,000 radio stations
  • A free radio site


The things you need to be aware of regarding radio


Radio is what?

Radio is derived from Latin radius, which means stream. This term is an abbreviation for radio receivers or broadcast receivers that allows you to listen to radio broadcasts. Radio can be received through terrestrial broadcasting, which works via electromagnetic waves, or via broadband cable using electromagnetic signals that are high in frequency. This is similar as antennas and cable television. Both signals transmitted are transformed into sound, giving us information that we use every day. But, the term "radio" is not just referring to the device itself , but it also refers radio stations, such as National Public Radio (NPR), News Radio 1000 AM and many more. Inception of radio was at the start at the turn of the century radio is among the oldest mass media in digital and has evolved in an amazing manner to today. The technological progress is evident, but the number of online options accessible has increased. The old-fashioned selection of FM stations is now supplemented by a variety of internet radio channels. Nowadays, virtually every FM station has streaming radio on the internet also, which means it is available everywhere and without interference from conventional radio frequencies. There are also web-only stations that specialize in particular genres or subject. They provide their viewers with an exclusive program that is perfectly tailored to their tastes in music. Radio is no longer simply the transmission of information and entertainment it is now a complete experience!


What is an internet-based radio?

"Internet radio" or internet radio can refer to various things. Internet radio, also known as web radio may be described as the radio station that broadcasts streaming via the internet instead of using traditional FM frequency. However, the term internet radio can also refer to the gadget capable of playing and receiving radio streams. A more common term for the equipment can be WiFi radio. Internet radio is a substitute for the radio that is typically used within the home kitchen. Many devices are equipped with an integrated database which contains the URLs for streams that radio stations use. Certain models also come with built-in FM as well as DAB+ transmitters. The device needs to connect to the Internet. It provides a variety of software. The issue can arise when the database integrated is not updated with updates. This means that radio stations cease to be accessible. If you want to listen to radio stations via through the web, you don't necessarily require the internet-based radio system. Similar stations can be found easily and accessible for free through apps or directly from the browser. Websites and apps typically provide more information in terms of search results and additional information on the stations.


What is a web-based radio?

Internet radio, also known as Web Radio is a radio application that provides you with an online service. Listen to this radio service on the internet via stream such as on your smartphone or computer. Contrary to an ordinary AM/FM station you get streaming radio on the internet. So, having an internet connection is vital. Alongside the AM/FM options, many radio stations also offer an online stream, so they are able to reach people outside their frequency-bound broadcast areas. In the last couple of years, the internet-based broadcasts have grown dramatically and provide a completely new experience in radio. A lot of radios that are web-based, and are only available online, focus on particular music genres and don't interfere with their programming with commercial or entertainment programs. The selection of internet radios is virtually limitless and offers an extremely wide selection of the broadest range of music genres, programming as well as international radio stations. Accessible with one click.


What is an HD Radio radio?

HD Radio is an bridging technology that was created to replace FM radio transmissions. In place of radio signals the digital signal is transmitted, which is then taken in from HD Radio receivers and converted into sound. A lot of HD Radio radios are also equipped to receive FM signals along with being able to receive the HD Radio standard. They are also known in the same way as hybrid radios. The range of stations that are available on HD Radio is a bit more than that available through FM. The FM frequencies that the stations broadcast are at a sufficient distance from one another. Because only a narrow band of frequencies are available and the potential number of stations that can be broadcast in a particular broadcasting region is limited. Broadcasting of HD Radio signals has far more freedoms this is the reason more stations are able to broadcast in an HD Radio transmission area. It is also possible to choose with internet radios and web radios, since each radio station in this area has its own stream URL and there are no overlaps.


What is HD Radio an online radio?

In essence, a distinction is drawn in between HD Radio and internet radio even they both convert digital data back to audio. In the case of HD Radio, the stations require specific transmitters for broadcasting the signal. The signal is able to travel across a geographic coverage that is dependent on the strength of the transmission. It also does not have a two-way transmission between both transmitters and receivers. This is also known as broadcasting with one to many. A transmitter can be viewed by any device within its range of transmission. However, the areas of transmission are restricted by the radius of the transmitter. Receiving devices cannot transmit data with the transmitter. To stream internet radio, internet connectivity between the receiver and the transmitter is required. Streaming servers are employed to accomplish this. Listeners and receivers are connected directly to the servers using the URL for streaming. The capacity of a server has a limitation in its technical capabilities also known as slots, and the number of listeners who can simultaneously listen is restricted. The major web radios don't just employ one streaming server however, they have flexible networks that are able to provide multiple listeners at once. It is actually a two-way communication between the broadcaster and receiver. The streaming server can determine the number of devices currently connected. There is no traditional broadcasting zone, neither. Internet radio is available anywhere in the world so long that an internet connection is established.


How do I listen to radio?

Listening to radio is easy to do via the Internet. You can tune into the radio stations you love across the globe through your web browser. With everybody has access to access to a radio search engine that is free and the perfect receiver simultaneously. Enter your radio's name into the search bar and begin the station. You can also search for specific genres of music as well as cities, topics or topics.'s free service provides the most appropriate program. It is also important to note that the entire system can be used with a smartphone, whether in the browser or through the application that is for free.


Are you able to listen to radio from your phone?

You can tune into online radio from any smartphone. The broadcast is then received not through AM/FM , or HD Radio, but via the Internet and that's the reason it is known as Internet radio , also known as web radio. The variety of radio stations is significantly greater than that of traditional radio. The most convenient way to listen to radio from your mobile phone is to use an app for radio. The majority of radio apps are free and are easily accessible on the apps stores on iOS as well as Android.


How do I listen to radio on the go?

With an AM/FM radio or HD Radio, you can listen to radio without having an Internet connection. Web radio or online radio require an internet connection to enable streaming of the radio show. The range of radio programs available is restricted to radio stations within the broadcasting region. This means offline radio doesn't offer the same wide range of stations like web radio.


Are you able to listen to Internet radio completely free?

The content of the majority of broadcasters are offered for free. But internet connectivity is required for transmission of data and also for the transferred. If you pay a data flat-rate with your internet service provider, like most of us do Internet radio will not require any additional fees. There are also internet radio stations where subscription to the broadcast station in premium is needed. But, these stations are not part of the free service offered by


What can I do to listen to radio from my computer?

There are apps that are available for PC and Mac which users can install and download in order to listen to the internet radio. It is also simpler for you to stream your preferred station right in your browser. All you require is an internet connectionand a web browser, an online service that is free like along with headphones, or speakers that are connected via your PC.


When will FM and AM radio be shut off?

Since the beginning of time, there was a debate about regarding whether FM radios using the old technology should be turned off. It's about the proliferation of HD-compatible radios in comparison to traditional FM radios as well as the internet-based use of radio reception. Each technology has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Radio operators have to consider also a matter of expense when all three transmission channels have to be funded simultaneously. Within Europe, Norway has already stopped FM transmission. In Switzerland the time for a change is coming. In the US the two reception modes will operate in tandem for a while.


When will the radio turn into HD Radio?

HD Radio was created in collaboration with the company iBiquity. The standard was chosen from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2002, as a method of broadcasting digital audio to be used in those in the United States. In 2012 alone, HD capable receiver adoption has increased significantly in recent automobiles. Many aftermarket radios for use in vehicles and at home come with HD Radio receivers and special features like Full Artist Experience. Stand-alone HD devices however, aren't as widespread. HD Radio broadcasts are completely free of charge. The majority of AM and FM stations broadcast their usual program in a hybrid form with HD Radio or additional HD channels that provide more details. The only requirement to listen to HD Radio is the purchase of an HD Radio receiver. The question is: do you have enough listeners willing to invest in another HD Radio receiver? Wouldn't it be simpler for the majority of people to access online radiousing the app on their smartphone or directly through the browser?


What you need to be aware of about radio stations?

What radio stations are there?

The variety in radio station options is vast. There are classic radio stations that we have come to know from AM/FM radio. They concentrate on charts and pop as well as oldies, rock or the news or reports. There are online radio stations which specialize in a variety of styles of musical styles and genres. The music genres range from that dates back to early in the Middle Ages to all types of electronic music, to K-pop and English Rap. It is also possible to enjoy Latin as well as jazz, classical and jazz when you choose the correct radio stations.


What radio stations can I be able to receive?

You can access almost every radio station in the world via internet. Although only a small number of stations can be heard through Am/FM radio, online lets users to embark on an international exploration. The selection of stations is contingent on the transmission route.


What number of radio stations exist in the USA?

The database includes over 6,000 radio stations as well as Web radios from USA. Listen for more than 15,300 private and public radio stations on FM and AM. The majority of stations broadcast information and music. However, there are AM/FM stations playing classic rock or oldies without regard to the charts. There are many more radio stations all over the world. Discover new stations and find radio stations based on language and radio stations by country and radio stations by city.


Which is the most reliable radio station?

It all depends on your own personal preferences. Allow yourself to drift within the radio database of and find your favourite radio station.


When will radio stations that are analog will they be shut off?

There has been a discussion over the years regarding whether or when the older FM technology should cease to exist. It concerns the proliferation in HD Radio receivers compared to traditional AM and FM radios, as well as the utilization of the Internet to receive radio signals. Each technology has pros and drawbacks, and for radio operators , it's the issue of cost when the three different transmission routes are to be financed at the same time. The case in Europe, Norway has already stopped FM transmission. In Switzerland the time is near. For the U.S., the two reception modes will operate in tandem for a while.


Which radio station is free of commercials?

Radio stations that are not commercial are usually free of advertisements. The majority of non-commercial stations count on the support of a non-profit like a university, or contributions from listeners for their revenue.


What radio stations play country music?

A large number of traditional AM and FM stations feature Country music over the air. Through digital radio, there's plenty of radio stations playing country Music. But, the most variety for those who love country music is accessible via web radios. Here's a list of radio stations that play country music Listen to country radio stations


What Radio station is playing oldies?

The most popular songs do not have an expiration date. However, even the oldest songs differ. In general, songs longer than the age of 25 old are known as oldies. Every year, a variety of new songs get added in this class. This is why there are a lot of oldie radio stations on the web which specialize in the most popular decades and eras. This means that everyone will find the perfect oldie radio. Tune in for Oldies radio stations on the internet